Intrada Italy's authentic biscotti ceramic jars hold an assortment of your favorite cookies or Italian biscotti. Place them on your counter top, pantry, or cabinet. Made of food safe Italian ceramic, Intrada Italy's ceramic jars come with a handmade lid that is unique to its own ceramic jar. Each ceramic jar is handmade and hand painted in Italy by master Italian artisans. The openings are large and the lids keep cookies from going stale.

Biscotti Leaves Oval

Price: $99.99

Biscotti Square Jar with Cherries

SKU: MAJ7739
Price: $142.00

Biscotti Blue Rectangular Jar

SKU: MAJ7648
Price: $326.00

Biscotti Jar Large Grapes Accent

SKU: MAJ7650
Price: $410.00

House Accent Biscotti Jar

SKU: MAJ7722
Price: $125.99
Sold Out - Coming Soon

Lemon Accent Biscotti Jar

SKU: MAJ7723
Price: $164.00

Toscana Oval Biscotti Jar

SKU: MAJ7849
Price: $193.99

Fleur De Lis Oval Biscotti

Price: $99.99

Tuscan Oval Biscotti Jar

Price: $99.99

Toscana Oval Biscotti Jar

SKU: MAJ7846
Price: $199.99

Lemon and Flower Accent Biscotti Jar

SKU: MAJ7603
Price: $209.99

Lemon Accent Oval Biscotti Jar

Price: $99.99

Yellow Lemon Oval Biscotti Jar

SKU: MAJ7607
Price: $289.99

Grape Accent Biscotti Jar

SKU: MAJ7675
Price: $199.99

Olive Accent Biscotti Jar

SKU: MAJ7676
Price: $199.99

Lemon and Pomegranates Biscotti Jar

SKU: MAJ7707
Price: $195.99

Fruits Accent Biscotti Jar

SKU: MAJ7710
Price: $219.99

Biscotti Jar Red

SKU: MAJ7720
Price: $103.00
Sold Out - Coming Soon

Biscotti Jar with Rooster

SKU: MAJ7838
Price: $199.99

Pomegranate Accent Oval Biscotti Jar

SKU: MAJ7719
Price: $99.99

Yellow Biscotti Jar

SKU: MAJ7640
Price: $193.00
Sold Out - Coming Soon

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