Cheetahs, Leopards, and tigers…Oh My!  Intrada Italy's exotic and gorgeous Italian ceramic statues bring the wild into your home. Bold cheetahs and graceful tigers are highly desired among those who like a bit of adventure in their decor. Hunt around and browse our famous 100% authentic Italian ceramic statues.

Leopard with 2 Cubs 23.5

SKU: ANI2329
Price: $665.00

Cheetah Safari Standing Left 31"

SKU: ANI2312
Price: $828.00
Sold Out - Coming Soon

Leopard 9.5"

SKU: ANI2328
Price: $110.00

Leopard 11"

SKU: ANI2326
Price: $175.00

Panther Black

SKU: ANI9505
Price: $859.00

Cheetah Safari Laying Right

SKU: ANI2311
Price: $191.00

Cheetah Safari Laying Left

SKU: ANI1261
Price: $303.00

Cheetah Safari Cub Laying

SKU: ANI2318
Price: $420.00

Tiger Safari Cub

SKU: ANI2319
Price: $382.00

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