Fiore Italian Ceramic Pottery is a bouquet of Lilies and Poppies. The blooms of these Intrada Italy ceramic pottery vases and centerpieces are symbols of prosperity. The best part is that extravagance is subtly expressed in every ceramic pottery petal and with every brush stroke. The rarity of the hand done art work and detail is part of this earthenware’s appeal. Handmade and painted ceramic pottery made in Italy by master Italian artisans.

Fiore Yellow Poppy Vase

SKU: MAJ8086
Price: $338.00

Fiore Poppy Bowl

SKU: MAJ8081
Price: $352.00

Fiore Poppy Planter

SKU: MAJ8085
Price: $338.00

Fiore Red Poppies Planter

SKU: MAJ8083
Price: $193.00
Sold Out - Coming Soon

Fiore Poppies Vase

SKU: MAJ8082
Price: $241.00

Fiore Poppies Footed Vase

SKU: MAJ8084
Price: $338.00

Fiore Round Bowl with Flowers

SKU: MAJ8074
Price: $328.00

Fiore with Flowers

SKU: MAJ8072
Price: $328.00

Fiore Vase with Flowers

SKU: MAJ8073
Price: $280.00

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