Flower and plants are kept company with friendly bunnies and rabbits. Intrada Italy's Hop Hop Ceramic is a collection of rabbit and bunny cachepots to decorate your table, counter, or entrance with a cute hare or two. Each Hop! Hop! Ceramic masterpiece is handmade and hand painted in Italy by master Italian artisans.

Bunny With Basket White

SKU: ANI2330
Price: $213.00

Bunny / Down

SKU: HOP9050
Price: $252.00

Bunny/ Up

SKU: HOP9051
Price: $252.00

Hop Hop Bunny Standing Cachepot

SKU: HOP9049
Price: $750.00
Sold Out - Coming Soon

Hop Hop Double Rabbit Cachepot

SKU: HOP9019
Price: $750.00

Special - Eggs Salt and Pepper Set

SKU: ANC5064
Price: $42.00 $25.20 

Special - Rooster salt and pepper Shakers

SKU: ANC5134
Price: $47.00 $28.20 

Special - Blue and Yellow Chick Salt and Pepper

SKU: CAM8413
Price: $44.00 $26.40 

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