These lovable Intrada Italian ceramic dogs make the perfect companions and come already house trained! Life size dogs are great for living rooms, hallways, and fireplaces. Intrada Italy distinguishes itself for having ceramic artisans paint life-like fur and details. If you pick our high gloss dogs, you will be sure to see a brighter and more reflective finish. Each Italian Ceramic Dog is handmade and hand painted in Italy by master Italian artisans.

Greyhound Dog White

SKU: ANI2322
Price: $673.00

Dalmatian Dog

SKU: ANI2313
Price: $843.00

Great Dane Harlequin

SKU: ANI2315
Price: $825.00

Boxer Dog

SKU: ANI2324
Price: $900.00

Bassethound Dog

SKU: ANI2325
Price: $448.00

Bulldog White Dog

SKU: ANI2331
Price: $645.00

German Shepherd

SKU: ANI2332
Price: $898.00

Setter Dog

SKU: ANI2333
Price: $744.00

Doberman dog statue

SKU: ANI9507
Price: $788.00 $669.80 

Boxer dog statue

SKU: ANI9513
Price: $390.00 $331.50 

Rottweiler Dog Statue

SKU: ANI9511
Price: $390.00

Doberman dog statue

SKU: ANI9510
Price: $340.00 $289.00 

Dog Large White Greyhound

SKU: ANI1240
Price: $897.00

Dog Jack Russell Brown

Price: $168.00

Dog Boxer

SKU: ANI2317
Price: $328.00

Dog Great Dane Large

SKU: ANI1256
Price: $999.00

Dog Labrador Retriever

SKU: ANI1213
Price: $573.00

Dog Collie

SKU: ANI2306
Price: $328.00

Dog White Poodle

SKU: ANI1201
Price: $168.00

Dog Cocker Spaniel - Brown

SKU: ANI2304
Price: $110.00

Dog Standing Labrador

SKU: ANI1212
Price: $236.00

Dog Black Poodle

SKU: ANI2302
Price: $119.00

Dog White and Brown King Charles

SKU: ANI1266
Price: $168.00

Dog Large Great Dane

SKU: ANI9587
Price: $667.00

Dog Great Dane

SKU: ANI1258
Price: $447.00

Dog Beagle with Basket

SKU: ANI2310
Price: $183.00

Dog Black Dachshund Patinato

SKU: ANI9266
Price: $279.00

Dog Pug Standing

SKU: ANI1215
Price: $213.00

Dog Solid White Dachshund

Price: $279.00

Dog Mini West Highland

Price: $56.00

Dog Grey Scottish Terrier

SKU: ANI9264
Price: $207.00

Dog Brown Pekingese Patinato

SKU: ANI9263
Price: $279.00

Dog Small San Bernardo

SKU: ANI1239
Price: $312.00

Dog Boxer Large

SKU: ANI1206
Price: $753.00

Dog Small Bassetthound

SKU: ANI1210
Price: $267.00

Dog Sitting Great Dane

SKU: ANI1242
Price: $83.00

Dog Black and Brown Dachshund

SKU: ANI1219
Price: $146.00

Dog Brown Standing Bulldog

SKU: ANI1211
Price: $312.00

Dog Brown Chihuahua

SKU: ANI1208
Price: $168.00

Dog Mini Dalmatian

Price: $56.00

Dog White and Gold Shih-Tzu

SKU: ANI1205
Price: $195.00

Dog Bull Terrier

SKU: ANI1222
Price: $270.00

Dog Black and White Setter

SKU: ANI1255
Price: $641.00

Dog German Shepherd

SKU: ANI1264
Price: $911.00

Dog Chocolate Lab

Price: $168.00

Dog Large Bassetthound

SKU: ANI1207
Price: $776.00

Dog White and Brown Shih-Tzu

SKU: ANI1223
Price: $191.00

Dog Large San Bernardo

SKU: ANI1237
Price: $999.00

Dog Dalmatian Sitting

SKU: ANI1244
Price: $168.00

Dog Sitting Dalmatian

SKU: ANI1243
Price: $83.00

Dog West Highland Terrier

SKU: ANI1263
Price: $175.00

Dog Brown Dachshund

SKU: ANI1218
Price: $191.00

Dog Sitting Beagle

SKU: ANI1241
Price: $220.00

Dog Standing Yorkie Terrier

SKU: ANI1216
Price: $213.00

Dog Grey Greyhound

SKU: ANI1235
Price: $425.00

Dog White Poodle Patinato

SKU: ANI9265
Price: $333.00

Dog Cocker Spaniel White Large

SKU: ANI2305
Price: $288.00

Dog Jack Russell Black

Price: $168.00

Dog Schnauzer

SKU: ANI1221
Price: $445.00

Dog West Highland

SKU: ANI2308
Price: $143.00

Dog Mini Pug

Price: $56.00

Dog Boston Terrier

SKU: ANI2307
Price: $360.00

Dog White Greyhound

Price: $425.00

Dog Boston Terrier Black

Price: $360.00

Dog Boxer Standing

SKU: ANI1217
Price: $258.00

Dog Antique White Bulldog

SKU: ANI9284
Price: $333.00

Dog Cocker Spaniel White

SKU: ANI2303
Price: $110.00

Dog Golden Retriever

SKU: ANI1202
Price: $537.00

Dog French Bulldog

SKU: ANI1262
Price: $393.00

Dog Rottweiler

SKU: ANI2309
Price: $178.00 $151.30 

Dog Brown Bulldog Patinato

SKU: ANI9268
Price: $337.00

Dog Medium Dalmatian Dog

SKU: ANI1271
Price: $425.00

Dog Mini Sealyham Terrier

SKU: ANI9283
Price: $148.00

Dog Brown Dachshund Patinato

SKU: ANI9267
Price: $279.00

Dog Black Shih-tzu

SKU: ANI9287
Price: $337.00

Dog Pekingese

SKU: ANI1203
Price: $195.00

Dog Beagle Standing

SKU: ANI1209
Price: $265.00

Dog Maltese

SKU: ANI2301
Price: $130.00

Dr. Watson and Mrs. Watson

SKU: ANI9997
Price: $1,980.00

Mr. Boxer and Family

SKU: ANI9996
Price: $2,880.00

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