The original authentic Italian ceramic rooster, a stylish accent in the kitchen and dining room. An Intrada Italy rooster brings good fortune to homes and welcome each morning with charm and good luck. Bold refinement can be expressed simply with an Italian rooster or hen. Each ceramic rooster and hen is handmade and hand painted by a master Italian artisan with special knowledge of Italy's earthenware and Italian Pottery tradition.

Hen White

SKU: CAM9008
Price: $240.00

Rooster White

SKU: CAM9007
Price: $304.00

Rooster White

Price: $449.00

Hen Colored

SKU: CAM9074
Price: $223.00

Rooster Colored Medium

SKU: CAM9210
Price: $667.00

Rooster Colored

SKU: CAM9151
Price: $788.00

Rooster Black and White. 27"

SKU: CAM9150
Price: $788.00

Hen Platinum Colored

SKU: CAM9088
Price: $280.00

Hen Speckled Black and White , 12"

SKU: CAM9071
Price: $279.00

Rooster Giant Colored, 30"

SKU: CAM9042
Price: $957.00

Rooster Large Colored Tureen

SKU: CAM9154
Price: $788.00

Hen Colored

SKU: CAM9090
Price: $570.00

Rooster Fighting Colored Looking Up

SKU: CAM9077
Price: $934.00

Rooster Fighting Colored Looking Down

SKU: CAM9076
Price: $934.00

Rooster Colored Platinum

SKU: CAM9086
Price: $328.00

Rooster White

SKU: CAM9291
Price: $909.00

Hen Colored 16.5

SKU: CAM9046
Price: $435.00

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