The Italian town of Montepulciano epitomizes the livelihood and colorful cuisine and culture of Italy. Our Monte collection will add a special, vibrant touch to your kitchen and home. Handmade and painted in Italy, Intrada Italy's Monte collection is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Monte Small Bowl

SKU: MON2862
Price: $28.00
Sold Out - Coming Soon

Monte Jar

Price: $71.00

Monte Plate

SKU: MON2861
Price: $134.00

Monte Spoon Holder

SKU: MON2868
Price: $59.00

Monte Cup

SKU: MON2867
Price: $47.00

Monte Plate Oval

SKU: MON2866
Price: $47.00

Monte Soap Dispenser

SKU: MON2865
Price: $98.00

Monte Mug

SKU: MON2863
Price: $59.00

Monte Plate Large

SKU: MON2859
Price: $129.00

Monte Plate Rectangular

SKU: MON2858
Price: $84.00

Monte Jar Biscotti

Price: $168.00

Monte Plate Square

SKU: MON2857
Price: $37.00

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