OLIO COLLECTION, Italian Ceramic

Add a touch of Italian décor to your kitchen and dining room with Intrada Italy’s unique Italian ceramic olio collection. Bring all the brilliant, beautiful Italian colors with our one of a kind hand painted Italian Ceramic oil and vinegar cruets and serving trays. Each piece is handmade and hand painted in Italy by master Italian artisans who have passed on their traditions from generation to generation. Each bottle is meticulously painted with intricate details highlighting the beauty and uniqueness of Italian culture and cuisine. Decorate your kitchen and tabletop with pomegranates, olives, roosters, as well as the beauty of the Italian scenery and nature’s colors.  Our collection of serving trays offers various sizes and shapes to help you host your next dining event. Perfect for serving your favorite olives, pickled vegetables and dipping sauces.  

VIVERE Cruet Rooster Grapes

Price: $68.00

VIVERE Cruet Round Grapes

Price: $72.00

VIVERE Oil Cruet Rooster

Price: $68.00

VIVERE Cruet Round

Price: $72.00

Napoli Olive Tray

Price: $35.00

Napoli Three Sectional Platter

Price: $71.00

Toscana Cruet Vinegar

SKU: MAJ7848
Price: $86.00

Olio Rooster Accent Cruet

SKU: MAJ7806
Price: $86.00

Toscana Cruet Oil

SKU: MAJ7847
Price: $86.00

Cruet Mercato Green Oil

Price: $55.00

Chianti Red Oil Vinegar Set

SKU: MAJ7840
Price: $193.00

Napoli Dipping Bowl Grape Decor

SKU: OLI3506-G
Price: $33.00

Napoli Dipping Bowl Lemon Decor

SKU: OLI3506-L
Price: $33.00

Napoli Dipping Bowl Pomegranate Decor

SKU: OLI3506-P
Price: $33.00

Vivere Fruit Tree Oil, Vinegar, Salt & Pepper Set

Price: $139.00

Olio Oil and Vinegar Yellow Set

SKU: MAJ7814
Price: $204.00

Vivere Orchid Oil & Vinegar and Salt & Pepper Set

SKU: CUC8875-O
Price: $139.00

Vivere Poppy Oil & Vinegar and Salt & Pepper Set

SKU: CUC8856
Price: $139.00

Vivere Estate Oil & Vinegar and Salt & Pepper Set

SKU: CUC8855
Price: $139.00

Vivere Erbe Oil & Vinegar and Salt & Pepper Set

SKU: CUC8854
Price: $139.00

Vivere Frutta Oil & Vinegar and Salt & Pepper Set

SKU: CUC8857
Price: $139.00

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