The 10 provinces of Tuscany make up what is called Toscana. This “nation within a nation,” is a historical center of influence and a producer of wine. Intrada Italy's Toscana pottery collection comes from authentic Italian artisans, that depict the very best that this region has to offer; wine, pottery, ceramics and a beautiful, culturally rich landscape. Traditional decorative majolica Ceramics are the heart of the Italian countryside. All over the world, Italian’s are renowned for their charming hand painted home accent ceramics. Wine orchards and the Italian seasons inspire these Intrada Italy 100% Italian, handcrafted decorative Ceramic pieces. Each Ceramic piece is timeless and authentic. Each masterpiece is handmade and hand painted in Italy by master Italian artisans. 

Fleur de Lis Pink Plate

SKU: MAJ1613
Price: $144.00

Fleur de Lis Small Envelope

SKU: ACC9754
Price: $117.00

Fleur de Lis Umbrella Stand

SKU: MAJ7864
Price: $338.00

Majolica Decorato Limoncello Pitcher

SKU: MAJ7657
Price: $350.00

Majolica Decorato Estate Wall Plate

SKU: MAJ7630
Price: $241.00

Majolica Decorato Primavera Wall Plate

SKU: MAJ7629
Price: $241.00

Majolica Decorato Inverno Wall Plate

SKU: MAJ7631
Price: $241.00

Majolica Decorato Autumno Wall Plate

SKU: MAJ7628
Price: $241.00

Toscana Summer Oval Wall Plate

SKU: MAJ7742
Price: $435.00

Toscana Fall Oval Wall Plate

SKU: MAJ7743
Price: $435.00

Majolica Decorato Four Seasons Wall Decor

SKU: WAL8437
Price: $787.00

Chianti Large Plate with Grape Accent

SKU: MAJ7624
Price: $821.00

Firenze Honey Umbrella Stand

Price: $280.00

Firenze Blue Large Pitcher

Price: $338.00

Firenze Honey Planter

Price: $280.00

Majolica Decorato, Umbrella stand

Price: $726.00

Fontana Baccus

SKU: FOU1118
Price: $4,002.00

Fontana Toscana

SKU: FOU1119
Price: $4,002.00

Toscana Four Seasons Wall Plate

SKU: MAJ7635
Price: $726.00

Chianti Red Oil Vinegar Set

SKU: MAJ7840
Price: $193.00

Chianti Pitcher

SKU: MAJ8075
Price: $362.00

Chianti Large Envelope with Grapes

SKU: ACC9757
Price: $142.00

Chianti Small Envelop with Grapes

SKU: ACC9756
Price: $117.00

Firenze Blue Umbrella Stand

Price: $280.00

Majolica Toscana

Price: $522.00

Majolica Decorato Soap Dish

Price: $61.00

Pera Square Wall Decor

SKU: WAL9751
Price: $71.00

Limone Square Wall Decor

SKU: WAL9754
Price: $71.00

Melagrana Square Wall Decor

SKU: WAL9753
Price: $71.00

Fleur de Lis Lion Accent Jar

SKU: MAJ1603
Price: $377.00

Fleur de Lis Large Envelope

SKU: ACC9755
Price: $142.00

Biscotti Jar House Accent

SKU: MAJ7722
Price: $119.00
Sold Out - Coming Soon

Biscotti Jar Olive Accent

SKU: MAJ7676
Price: $193.00

Lemons Wall Decor

SKU: MAJ7627
Price: $813.00

Toscana Bottle

SKU: MAJ7841
Price: $481.00

Chianti Wine Cooler

Price: $108.00

Majolica Decorato Utensil Holder

Price: $158.00

Toscana Oval Biscotti Jar

SKU: MAJ7846
Price: $199.99

Toscana Oval Biscotti Jar

SKU: MAJ7849
Price: $193.99

Majolica Decorato Large Jar

SKU: MAJ7646
Price: $1,176.00

Toscana Cruet Oil

SKU: MAJ7847
Price: $86.00

Chianti Toscana Pitcher

SKU: MAJ7844
Price: $279.00

Toscana Large Oval Platter

SKU: MAJ7842
Price: $556.00

Toscana Cruet Vinegar

SKU: MAJ7848
Price: $86.00

Majolica Decorato Benvenuto

SKU: MAJ7716
Price: $3,269.00

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