In Italian, Tutti Frutti stands for “all fruits”, a delicious Intrada Italy confection containing various fruits. Oranges, lemons, pomegranates, grapes and apples, all stand center stage as bountiful and extravagant ceramic centerpieces. Each ceramic leaf and fruit is handmade & painted by an Italian craftsman and hardened in traditional ovens. The luster of our 100% Italian made ceramic glaze is sure to dazzle visiting guests and family alike.

Tutti Frutti Rectangular Lemon Basket

SKU: MAJ7730
Price: $433.00

Tutti Frutti Lemon and Flower Basket

SKU: TUT9205
Price: $415.99

Tutti Frutti Lemon Tree

SKU: TUT9208
Price: $598.99
Sold Out - Coming Soon

Tutti Frutti Lemon Footed Vase

SKU: TUT9225
Price: $575.99
Sold Out - Coming Soon

Tutti Frutti Orange Tree

SKU: TUT9208-O
Price: $449.00

Tutti Frutti Fruit Footed Vase

SKU: TUT9226
Price: $409.00

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